Let's Get Serious About Wellness

Helping women create mindset and habit changes for a lifetime of health and happiness.


Hi!  I'm Ellen Funk

I have spent my career helping organizations and individuals achieve their boldest business objectives and realize their wildest dreams. My work as a management consultant and life coach has given me a tool box of knowledge, skills and experience that has enabled my many, many clients to achieve life changing success.

I have also made a lifetime study of health and fitness.  I bought my first diet and exercise book in high school.  Perhaps like you, I have tried it all and after much failure and frustration, I finally figured out the food, exercise, habits and mindset that work for me.

In the last few years, many of my life coaching clients have brought their health and fitness challenges to me.  Through this work I have developed my unique program that has enabled my clients to achieve lasting wellness habits created individually for them.


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