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Tired of battling weight gain, fatigue, poor sleep and the aches and pains that seem to come with age?

I'm here to prove that turning 50 can be the start of your healthiest, most vibrant years yet!
Let’s devise a plan to make you leaner, stronger, feel great, and enjoy lasting health!


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Individual Wellness Coaching

Experience transformative change with my individual wellness coaching, where one-on-one support and customized strategies converge to create your ideal path to health and vitality.

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Online Group Coaching & Programs

Join our dynamic online group coaching and programs, where you'll find strength in community and tailored strategies to elevate your wellness journey to new heights.

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I'm Ellen, your Wellness Coach with a unique blend of experience as a business management consultant and professional chef, now fully dedicated to helping women over 50 achieve lifetime wellness.

I’ve cracked the code to lasting health and am here to guide you to not just meet but surpass your wellness goals.

By integrating movement, nutrition, and mindset into your daily routine, I create a no-nonsense approach to wellness that’s free from diets and rigorous workouts, custom tailored just for you.

I ensure that every step we take together is laser focused on getting you real, sustainable results. Feel stronger, leaner, healthier, pain free and more vibrant every day.

With my expertise, your journey to wellness is not just a possibility—it's a guarantee.

Let's make your wellness journey legendary together!

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